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Disaster Check List: For Cats (Information provided by EARS)

Have at least a (2) week supply at all times. Use the brand that your cat is used to eating. Buy pop top cans of food small enough to be used at one feeding since you may not have a way to properly refrigerate a partially used can of food - do not feed food that has been left out. Store dry food in an airtight, water proof container. Rotate food at least once every (3) months. Include in your supplies a feeding dish, a spoon to scoop and mix the food, and a hand crank can opener in case you do not have pop top cans.

Have at least a (2) week supply at all times. Store water in plastic containers and keep in a cool, dark place. Rotate water at least once every (2) months.

Have a small litter box and litter scoop in your supplies. Have a supply of cat litter to last at least (2) weeks. Have some plastic bags in your supplies for disposing of your cat's waste.

Have a small container of dish soap for cleaning purposes. Have paper towels for drying dishes and for other cleanup.

Have a proper fitting break away collar and tag on your cat at all times, and keep an extra collar in your
supplies in case the permanent one gets lost. Have a spare temporary tag in your supplies that you can write on - if you are going to be living somewhere else temporarily, you should put that address and phone number on the tag. You may want to consider microchipping or tattooing your cat as a more permanent form of identification.

You should have a proper fitting harness and leash in your supplies so that if you have to keep your cat
confined in a cage for an extended period of time, you have a secure way to take the cat out of the cage to get some exercise.

Have a collapsible wire cage to transport your cat or to house him or her in following the disaster (if exterior walls fall down or windows are broken, you'll need to keep your cat safely confined). The cage should be large enough to accommodate food and water dishes and a litter box. If your cat plays with toys, include in your supplies some toys to keep your cat entertained.

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